The Tooth - Hardcover


Writers: Cullen Bunn and Shawn Lee
Matt Kindt

Face front horror hounds! The greatest of ghoulish gladiators gouges a gruesome gangway through your guts in the Grand Guignol tradition! CREEPY Cullen Bunn, SINISTER Shawn Lee, and MURDEROUS Matt Kindt bring you the most spectacular of horrifying heroes—The Tooth! Be the first kid on your block to follow the off beat adventures of the Incredible Incisor… the Monstrous Molar… the Courageous Carnassial… as he squares off against vicious demons, hell bent sorcerers, vengeful spirits, and undead dragons! This new macabre myth cycle springs to life soon as only Oni Press can bring it to you!

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Hardcover
Content Rating: T+ (Teen Plus)
Diamond™ Order Code: FEB111118 
ISBN: 978-1-934964-52-1