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The Tea Dragon Society Chamomile Plush


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Meet Chamomile, the star of Katie O'Neill's award-winning graphic novel, The Tea Dragon Society! This soft, huggable plush brings the adorable and sleepy Chamomile tea dragon to life, complete with its signature flowers, droopy ears and a shapeable tail!

  • Features chamomile flowers, wings and a tail that can be shaped again and again
  • Spot-clean only, 100% polyester 
  • 10" length
  • Produced by Dual Wield Studio

Things to Know About Raising a Chamomile Tea Dragon

  • Ave. Length: 40cm
  • Ave. weight: 8kg
  • Tea Brewed by: Dried flowers
  • Training difficulty: Very easy
  • Personality traits: Relaxed, easygoing, can be difficult to motivate as they sleep on average 18 hours a day.
  • Care Notes: Unbelievably relaxed and sleepy, owners may need to wake them up to remind them to eat.