Long Con Vol. 1


Writers: Dylan Meconis, Ben Coleman

Artist: EA Denich with M. Victoria Robado


The world is over, but the con has just begun.

Five years ago, a cataclysmic event obliterated everything within a fifty mile radius of the Los Spinoza Convention Center—right in the middle of Long Con, the world's biggest (and longest) pop culture convention. Underdog reporter Victor Lai barely escaped with his life, but his nerdy friend Dez Delaney—publicist for an indie darling comics publisher—wasn't so lucky.

Now, Victor finds himself with the story of a lifetime—that the con-goers not only survived inside the center's cavernous Cold War-era halls... they kept the convention going.

It doesn't take long for Victor to get trapped inside, find Dez, and run afoul of a totalitarian sci-fi fandom ruled by a mysterious figure known as "the Special Guest." Breaking out is impossible, and resistance is futile—but maybe, just maybe, Dez and Victor can recruit some unexpected allies from the warring factions of fans, pros, and D-list celebrities that still roam the show floor... Collects issues #1-#5 of the Oni Press series THE LONG CON.

Format: Trade Paperback, Standard

Content Rating: Young Adult