Kaijumax Season 5 #2


Writer: Zander Cannon 

Artist: Zander Cannon

On trial for his life, the vile gangster Pikadon takes on the astral court system with his amoral, flamboyant Team Legal and their creepy animal sidekick. Back at Kaijumax, Sprinkles and the Sharkmon work on expanding their side-hustles of giving makeovers and glowing tattoos, and they begin to form a deeper bond. The alien Enigmirians strengthen their case to release the falsely accused "Hermie," but still haven't realized they're working with the cop who put him away. Also: Prison engineering! Crystalline judges! And... a Kaiju/City Reconciliation Program?

Format: Single, Standard

Content Rating: T+ (Older Teen)

Street Date: February 4, 2020