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Kaijumax Season 3 #3


Writer: Zander Cannon 

Artist: Zander Cannon

Gang tensions continue to ratchet up between the J-Pops and the Cryptids as Whoofy (and his consiglieri Li’l Boy) fight The Mountain for what’s left of the uranium trade. Meanwhile, the crooked Dr. Zhang gets a reminder from the Moon Bunnies that she’s late on her drug payments and they stress—in no uncertain terms—that it is not healthy for her to cross them. Powerful inmates return to the prison and threaten to upend the precarious species truce. Also: Severed heads! The Sharkmon of Kaijumax! And… a pep-talk from Satan?

Format: Single, Standard

Content Rating: T+ (Older Teen)

Street Date: September 13, 2017