Dream Daddy #4: Digital Edition


The fourth digital issue in the new comic series based on the hit dating sim by Game Grumps! 

Dream Daddy #4: "Fair Deal"

The science fair is tomorrow, and Daisy hasn’t started her project yet! All she wants is a ride to the library and a participation ribbon. But Brian has bigger plans for her: wind turbines, working replicas of Mount Vesuvius, human genome editing. Turns out Daisy’s not the only one who procrastinated, and Joseph is out to force Christian and Christie to become the next science superstars. Can the kids get their presentations ready before the librarian kicks them all out for a no holds barred Dad-off?

Writer: C. Spike Trotman
Artists: Drew Green
Reed Black
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Print cover artist: Kris Anka
Sketch cover design: Kate Z. Stone
Digital cover artist: Drew Green


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