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Double Fine Action Comics Vol. 1: Oni Exclusive - Hardcover

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Writer: Scott C.
Artist: Scott C.

Don't miss this exclusive hard cover from Oni Press and Double Fine! 


Double Fine Productions is renowned for making videogames such as Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Iron Brigade. Scott Campbell (or Scott C) came on as art director for Psychonauts and started drawing comics as a morning warm up. These comics were then uploaded to and the world was made amazing. 

Now you can own them in print form! This very book contains the first 300 strips plus magnificent bonuses! You'll laugh like crazy, and join the world in feeling amazing.

 The DOUBLE FINE ACTION COMICS COLLECTOR’S EDITION is a beautifully designed, shrink-wrapped, hardcover version of whichever volume you choose. Each volume also includes a numbered bookplate signed by Scott C.