Kaijumax by Zander Cannon

"Despite its bright and colorful designs that invite you in by suggesting levity and Saturday morning cartoon action, don't be fooled, this is one of the most relentlessly brutal, brilliant, and resonant comics on the stands. A series that fully embraces the pathos and tragedy of its prison drama trappings, alongside the inherent strangeness and humanity of its Godzilla-style cast, this masterpiece by Zander Cannon is the not to be missed." –– Charlie Chu, VP of Creative & Business Development


Space Battle Lunchtime by Natalie Reiss

"Space Battle Lunchtime combines SO MANY things that I love! Cooking shows! Space! Slow-burn queer romance! All in a beautiful watercolor book full of inventive food." –– Ari Yarwood, Executive Editor


Johnnie Wander by Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota

"Reading Johnny Wander is like hanging out with your best friends (and their adorably wacky cats). Ananth and Yuko are a dream team that can make a nonfiction slice-of-life comic feel like you've been reading it forever and never want it to end!" –– Angie Knowles, Digital Prepress Lead