Oni Press is a premier comic book and graphic novel publisher located in Portland, Oregon. Established in 1997, Oni Press’s curated line includes a variety of award-winning original and licensed comic books and graphic novels, including: Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty™, Nickelodeon’s Invader ZIM, Scott Pilgrim, Queen & Country, Courtney Crumrin, Wasteland, The Sixth Gun, Stumptown, Wet Moon, Letter 44, The Bunker, The Tea Dragon Society, The Coldest City, and Kaijumax.


Joe Nozemack

Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Joe Nozemack founded Oni Press under duress in 1997. Early in Oni's history, he was misquoted as saying, "Comics are in my bones." The actual quote was, "Bones are in my comics." Every Oni comic is printed on paper made from the ground-up bones of Joe's enemies. (Plus a few of his friends.)




James Lucas Jones is a business, man, who has worked at Oni for a long, long time. Before that, he played the role of the Streetcar in A Streetcar Named Desire before moving on to more lucrative jobs, such as selling penny stocks to infants. These days he can be seen yelling, "Don't break into comics! It's a trap!" from the roof of Oni Press.


Charlie Chu

VP of Creative & Business Development

Charlie Chu has been working at Oni Press since last decade. He has webbed feet like a duck, wings like a duck, and a bill like a duck, and he might just actually be a duck. Whenever we ask him, he just says, "QUACK QUACK QUACK."


Brad Rooks
Director of Operations

Brad Rooks magically appeared at the Oni offices in a cloud of smoke sometime in 2012. One time someone at an Olive Garden told him there was a dress code, and he said, "I'm just here for the unlimited breadsticks, homeslice." Now nobody tells him anything.


Melissa Meszaros

Director of Publicity

Melissa Meszaros has survived a plane crash, double-crossing a dolphin, being buried alive in the desert at the end of Casino, and accidentally touching an electric fence. When she joined Oni Press in 2017, it was on the condition that she'd be paid in Britcoin, the British e-currency. When paper money fails, she'll be ahead of us all.


Margot Wood

Director of Sales

Margot Wood is going to tell you she started at Oni in 2018, but in reality time is meaningless and dates are arbitrary. In this plane of existence, Margot enjoys the finer things in life, such as Ovaltine and the strings that you peel off a banana before you eat it.


Marketing Design Manager

Sandy Tanaka decided to come to Oni Press in 2018 after her 10-year undercover stint in the pageant circuit ended. "I've seen things," she'll tell you, while grinding coffee beans with her teeth because "a robot can't do anything better than a human." She does concede that electric toothbrushes are pretty good.


Amber O'Neill

Special Projects Manager

Amber O'Neill (yes relation to April) has worked with Oni on and off since 2012, in a story very similar to the Ross/Rachel storyline on Friends. She's more of a Phoebe, though, and tells everyone's fortunes during lunchtime. The fortunes are usually just an arbitrary date when she thinks we will die.


Troy Look

Director of Design & Production

Troy Look took a job at Oni Press in 2011 after being rejected from NASA's astronaut program for his constant Uranus jokes. He still makes them at Oni, claiming he came up with "a thousand really good ones" and that he won't stop until either he's dead or humans are on Mars.


Hilary Thompson

Senior Graphic Designer

Hilary Thompson had a dream back in 2014 that she was working at Oni Press, and when she woke up, it turned out to be true! Now she doesn't know if she's asleep or awake. What is this torment? Will she escape? Tune in next week, as we've been secretly taping all of her movements.


Kate Z. Stone

Graphic Designer

Kate Z. Stone began designing books for Oni in 2017. The Z stands for... you know what? Don't ask. Don't look her in the eyes. You look her in the eyes, and you're done. Turn around, walk away. Keep walking. Further. Further. Into the woods. Do not look back. This is your life now.


Sonja Synak

Junior Graphic Designer

Sonja Synak reached the top of Mount Everest in 2018... only to discover it was actually the Oni Press office. All that frostbite for nothing! But the good news is, we gave her a brand new desk... to light on fire so she could stay warm. 


Angie Knowles

Digital Prepress Lead

Angie Knowles won the coveted Prepress position at Oni Press in an arm-wrestling competition in 2016. When it was down to her and Sylvester Stallone, she distracted him by reminding him of the movie he'd made with Estelle Getty, Stop or My Mom Will Shoot. Then Angie slammed his arm down so hard it was broken in five places.


Ari Yarwood

Executive Editor

Ari Yarwood has been working at Oni Press since 2014. With her Nokia cell phone and her business acumen, she quickly took over the Editorial department, which she rules with an iron. Just an iron she waves around at everyone if they haven't turned their work in.


Sarah Gaydos

Editorial Director of Licensed Publishing

Sarah Gaydos joined Oni Press in 2018 thinking it was actually the circus. (She'd only read Spectacle up to that point.) We also learned that her name backwards is Sody Agharas, which happens to be the name of a popular "basketball erotica" writer. Coincidence?


Robin Herrera

Senior Editor

Robin Herrera started at Oni as an Editorial Intern in 2012 and is now Senior Editor. She likes cats, sweets, comics, books, shoujo manga, sleeping, dad jokes, and ketchup. So much ketchup it would make you barf. 


Desiree Wilson

Associate Editor

Desiree Wilson is ™ & © 2017 Oni Press, Inc. She reads a lot, more than you, probably, and definitely more than that bird over there that keeps looking at her funny. KEEP IT UP, BIRD, AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. She has never been to the moon.


Alissa Sallah

Administrative Assistant

Alissa Sallah came to Oni Press one day in 2017 and never left. She hides in the library, jumping out to scare anyone who dares approach her "hobbit hole." She doesn't even like Lord of the Rings but she calls it that anyway. Give her some bootleg anime and she might let you leave with all of your fingers.


Jung Lee

Logistics Associate

Jung Lee doesn't like to talk about it, but he joined Oni Press back in 2013 because Alton Brown made him cook an omelet with a broken lightbulb on Cutthroat Kitchen and Jung had to kill him. The Alton Brown you know and love today is just a puppet. A puppet that Jung made. He's very talented.


Scott Sharkey
Warehouse Assistant

Scott Sharkey was raised by bowling balls in a bowling alley outside of Jackson, MO. They wanted him to stay in his lane, but he rebelled, running off with a softball, then leaving that softball for a roller skate. Eventually, he ended up at Oni Press in 2018 with a hula hoop in one hand and a cricket bat in the other. 


Steve Ellis
Oni Games

Steve Ellis belongs to the sea, but at low tide he comes up covered in seaweed to work on Oni Press Games. Since 2017, he's made wonderful games for Oni like Demon Dream Date: A Damned Dating Game, Kim Reaper's Ouija Board of Fun, Petrograd: A Murder Mystery for up to 3 players, and So You Think You Know All The Canadian References in Scott Pilgrim.


Rich Stevens
Webcomics Manager

Rich Stevens is a man made of pixels. His resolution is 1 DPI, but his file size is over 20GB. Since 2018, he's been working with Oni Press on various, unknown, secret things. Mostly he just sends emails with subjects like "Sandwich Ideas" and "Oni Press = Lizard People?" 


Staff bio descriptions © 2018 Robin Herrera. Do not steal, do not duplicate, do not print out and staple to telephone poles.
Staff portraits are © 2018 Sarah Graley.