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Invader Zim Vol. 8: Oni Exclusive



The eighth volume in the bestselling Invader ZIM comic series based on the hit Nickelodeon TV series.

When Dib wakes up one cold, depressing morning to find that ZIM is actually his brother, could things get any worse? The answer, as always, is yes, as told in these five amazing standalone Invader ZIM stories collected in trade for the first time! What happens when GIR gets hit by a falling girder in the presence of a full human audience? Who’s telling the truth when an alien kidnaps Dib, Gaz, ZIM, and GIR to find out who destroyed his prize robot? And why does ZIM think it’s perfectly normal to give out raw steaks on Halloween? The answer, as always, is yes!

(W) Sam Logan, Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simons, Sam Maggs, Steven Shanahan, Matthew Seely, Tait Howard

(A) Kate Sherron, Maddie C, Matthew Seely, Tait Howard, Fred C. Stresing, Meg Casey, Dean Rankine, Warren Wucinich

Cover Artist: Dave Crosland