Invader ZIM #40


(W) Eric Trueheart, Steven Shanahan, Rikki Simons, Sam Maggs

(A) Warren Wucinich, Fred C. Stresing, Dean Rankine, Meg Casey, Kate Sherron

(CA) Fred C. Stresing

Think you've seen it all? HIGHLY UNLIKELY. For you haven't read this extra-special issue of Invader ZIM, featuring TALES OF STUFF WHAT DID NOT HAPPEN! Think about all the things you've never seen ZIM do... I mean, it's a lot of stuff, right? Maybe you'll see him go underwater to fight the dirty denizens of Atlantis! (Probably not.) Maybe Dib will be there, or maybe not, because neither of those things have ever happened! MAYBE GIR IS A CAT?! Maybe YOU'RE a cat! You'd better go check to make sure you aren't before buying this issue. Also, no refunds.