Love as a Foreign Language: Collected Edition v1

Eric KimJ. Torres


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Joel hates Korea. Why he agreed to teach there defies comprehension. He can't wait to return to normal life. His year of teaching is almost over and then he'll finally be free. But Joel's life is about to go from dark dreams to cotton candy kisses and it's all because of Hana. The very sight of this girl sends him flying straight to cloud nine, but won't another year in Korea send him crashing back down?

Collects the first three installments of LAAFL in one handy manga-sized volume!



"J. Torres' script is perfect, capturing the nervous tension present in any budding relationship and expertly adding the cultural differences that just winds Joel even tighter emotionally. Eric Kim's artwork is perfectly suited for the series, possibly one of the best matches of writer to artist in comics. His backgrounds really give the reader a feel for the culture while his character designs, especially Hana, are great. Hana is easily one of the most appealing characters in comics."

Broken Kode:

"J.Torres. He's brilliant, everything he writes I really enjoy."

Read About Comics:

"J. Torres's script for Love as a Foreign Language hits all the right notes... As an added bonus, there's a lot of Torres's trademark humor in Love as a Foreign Language; little zingers like Joel's comment on how Korean foods seems like the end result of a dare had me grinning the whole way through the book."

The Fourth Rail:

"It's clear that Torres put a lot of faith in his artistic collaborator, Eric Kim, and that faith definitely pays off. Kim's artwork is a revelation, definitely in the manga style but with a unique sensibility that sets it apart from the many imitators of that general style these days. Kim's expressive characters are very real and believable, and yet cartoonishly exaggerated at the same time"

The Fourth Rail:

"This is about the natural human desire to fit in, to belong somewhere. It's easy to relate to the main character's sense of being alone in a massive crowd, to his sense of being lost... not physically, but adrift in the sea of his own life. Torres tells a wonderfully personal story that explores the same sort of ideas as Sofia Coppola's much-lauded Lost in Translation, but it's done in a much more overt and accessible way."

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Digest
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Street Date: Feb 4, 2010

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ISBN: 978-1-932664-41-6

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