Gray Horses

Hope Larson


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Winner of a 2007 Eisner Award!

Noemie has left her home in France to study abroad. In Onion City there are new friends, new environments, and new loves. There are also new dreams. And not ordinary dreams. Vivid visions of life in a different time and in a different place, but more than that, of a different existence. In Noemie's sleep she's not a woman, but a horse. A noble creature aiding a sick little girl. But how does this effect Noemie's own journey?



"Larson's style is especially pleasing for the way she represented a plethora of normally unseen phenomena, such as sound, light, wind, thoughts. She uses traditional comics icons in singular ways that are evocative and effective."

Fourth Rail:

"Gray Horses is yet another graphic-novel triumph from the people at Oni Press and the creators with which they work."

"[Hope Larson's] storytelling style -- both in terms of the script and art -- is simple and soft, but it's thoroughly effective at establishing a subtle but palpable mood that draws the reader in."

"[Hope Larson] employs simple shapes and lines to achieve subtle expressions and effective minimalist storytelling."

"[Hope Larson's] simple approach allows the reader to connect with her characters and settings; it makes them universal."

Format: Original Graphic Novel, 6x9" - Trade Paperback
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Street Date: Jan 30, 2007

Diamond™ Order Code: DEC05 3139
ISBN: 978-1-932664-36-2

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