Blue Monday v4 Painted Moon

Blue Monday, Vol. 4

Chynna Clugston


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Recently, Bleu has been finding herself pent up with a heavy dose of teenage lust! Not content with Alan and Victor's pathetic attempts to woo her, she grabs Clover and hits the town in a side-splitting search for some real boys, only to discover that there aren't any! With only one candidate in Bleu's mind—her teacher Mr. Bishop—she makes the decision to tell him how she really feels, but things never go as planned in the crazy, mixed up world of Bleu L. Finnegan.

This volume collects issues 1-4 of Blue Monday: Painted Moon.

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Digest
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Street Date: Feb 4, 2010

Diamond™ Order Code: FEB05 2994
ISBN: 978-1-932664-11-9

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