Last Call V1

Last Call, Vol. 1

Vasilis Lolos


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While out on a midnight drive, two friends, Alec and Sam, are hit by the "Ghost Train," an inter-dimensional soul carrier. They wake up to discover themselves stuck on the train with no way out and no ticket, which is a problem when the conductor comes around. As they desperately search for an escape, the boys uncover clues that lead them deeper into the train's musty cabins and into the path of a killer!


Johnny Bacardi Show:

"He gets the mood across very well as things get more and more surreal for our hapless pair. Another strong Oni publication; hope I get to read the next book in the series."

Ain't It Cool News:

"This book is fast paced and Lolos has a firm grasp on how to convey tension and fear with little or no words, relying on skewed panel angles and the looks on his characters stylized faces to convey the message. Lolos is a Greek artist. His work has a non-American/non-manga style to it that is a welcome change from the norm. The characters and panels are fluid and the even-set structure of the page (common with a lot of American and manga comics) is discarded in favor of more creative ways to tell the story. Start to finish, this is one solid read."

Comic Pants:

"It's a story that takes hold of you from the first word that is uttered on the page and sends you charging headfirst into what can only be described as a delectable and visceral entertainment."

"It's a story that starts off with a bang and never lets up."

"Sam and Alec. These two characters, cocky and sarcastic as they are, are entirely believable and could almost be those darn kids that live next door to you who curse and play their music entirely too loud in the middle of the night."

"The style that Lolos has created is so original and so visually amazing that the characters, no matter what is happening on the page—he tells the story with such tenacity, so perfectly, and with such an ease that it is a simply stunning thing to see."

"The Last Call rocks in every sense of the word."

"It's an off-beat gem, one that surprises, makes you laugh and really just gets under your skin in every good way possible."


"The Last Call is gearing up to be a very good time on the dark side. Lolos has created a character in Sam who reacts exactly as you would expect a slacker teen to and Alec... is looking less like a pal and more like monster boy as the first book ends. I loved how no one is how they appear in this book; how the good and bad guys are hard to identify and also the all out creepiness of the setting. It�s a train to hell and the boys got there by stealing a car and listening to loud music. What better metaphor could there be for your teen years?"

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Digest
Content Rating: O (Older Audiences)
Street Date: Aug 1, 2007

Diamond™ Order Code: APR07 3883
ISBN: 978-1-932664-69-0

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