Blue Monday v1 The Kids Are Alright

Blue Monday, Vol. 1

Chynna Clugston


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Being a teenager can be a difficult job, something the adult world can never understand. While to her parents and teachers getting Adam Ant tickets is no big deal, to Bleu L. Finnegan it means everything. This could be the defining moment of her life, and there is no guarantee that she will ever acheive it. On the way, Bleu must deal with the travails of adolescence—from prank-playing, porn-addicted boys to sexist-pig radio disc jockeys to trying to figure out how to show that dreamy substitute teacher that she's his perfect mate. It all culminates on that fateful night when Bleu and her best friend, Clover, go to the club and try to get in at any cost! Nothing will bar Bleu from the pop idol of her dreams!


Comics Worth Reading:

"Blue Monday tells tales about post-punk, hormonally driven teenagers."

"The art has attitude, just like the characters."

"This modern-day Archie for teens accurately captures what it's like to be an adolescent. The boys are boys, and the girls don't take their crap."

The Comics Journal:

"What can I say, I'm a sucker for teen comics that involve ska, scooters, Paul Weller and plaid."

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Digest
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Street Date: Jan 30, 2010

Diamond™ Order Code: STAR12268
ISBN: 978-1-929998-62-3

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