Rick Lacy

Rick Lacy has enjoyed a fruitful career in the NYC animation scene for roughly 10 years now. Though wrought with peril and intrigue, it is a field not without its evils. His most notable work is with that roundabout romp of a pulp adventure serial, The Venture Bros. He has recently made headway in the field of comics, sauntering onto the scene with a raucous stint on the Clone Wars adventures for Dark Horse Comics as well as helming the Hellboy Animated series book, also published by Dark Horse. Labor days will be his first creator owned work and will be published in the hallowed halls of the temple Oni. Where lions and men of iron test their mettle. Labor Days is an undertaking three years in the making, culminating in his opus.

Rick is a trained Jedi of the planet city Nu Yor'kh.

May the Force forgive us all.

Graphic Novels by Rick Lacy